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Office Wall Art
All our images are available in the following wall art formats: Ready to hang art and photo collages on stretched canvases or acrylic glass panels, framed or unframed art prints and bespoke wallpaper mural. With over 20 years’ experience in printing, we can also produce wall art using other materials such as: diabond metal, seamless wallpaper, self-adhesive vinyl and glass.

Our services include: complimentary design consultancy & visuals, imagery sourcing & re-touching, work on customers’ own images, complimentary site surveys, professional installation, image site management and rotation.

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Bespoke photo collage on acrylic glass (also available on stretched canvases) - Request a quote

Canvas art (stretched over wooden frames) - Request a quote

Bespoke Photo collage wall mural - Request a quote

Textured wallpaper mural (comes in 1.2m rolls- applied with paste to the wall method) - Request a quote

Vinyl mural (comes in self-adhesive 1.3m rolls) - Request a quote

Vinyl mural - Request a quote

Wallpaper mural (textured- 1.2m rolls- paste to the wall method) - Request a quote


In order to avoid the common pitfalls of office decoration and end up with large undefined “grey areas” in various shades, you can turn to office art and create a workspace which lifts the spirits of employees as well as impress visitors.

Office art has come a long way since the days when framed prints were the only formats on offer. These days, there are many display solutions available which can turn offices into fantastic and appealing spaces. Whether you are looking for ready to hang office wall art or wish to create a featured wall with office murals, we can offer small to very large visual solutions to transform your chosen space. Moreover, if you are looking for a bespoke solution incorporating corporate logos or colours, office art can be customized as per your wall’s and theme’s specifications.

We can cover all aspects of office decoration, from imagery selection to the creation of themes and complimentary design consultancy without forgetting free visuals. Either through the use of an office mural or a creative piece of work, we will make certain that your office decoration has a real impact on your environment and stakeholders.


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